Non-Contact Video Extensometer

Tinius Olsen Epsilon ONE optical non-contact extensometers are suitable for testing high-modulus materials such as metals and composites, high-elongation materials, thin or delicate specimens, cyclic fatigue, strain-controlled testing, deflectometer applications, and measuring crack opening displacements. Strain or extension is measured and output in real-time.

Epsilon ONE’s high resolution and ISO 0,5 / ASTM B-1 accuracy classes make it suitable for non-contact measurement of a wide range of strain values, from very small strains required to measure modulus of metals, composites, ceramics and CMCs through elastomers and everything in between.

Key Features:

  • Non-contacting video extensometer solution
  • Resolution, accuracy and speed
  • Always on, always real time
  • Telecentric design
  • Laser assist alignment system
  • Real-time digital output
  • Better strain control
  • Applicable for testing with many ISO, ASTM standard ( ISO 6892-1, 527-2, 527-4, 527-5, ASTM E8, E9, D3039, D638, A370, D3552, E646)
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