Thermomechanical Analyzer- Vertical Dilatometer

TMA 402 F1/F3 Hyperion®


Vertical Dilatometer


The heart of the TMA 402 Hyperion® is a highly precise inductive displacement transducer (LVDT). 

This technology has stood the test of time; it is also used for dilatometers and allows measurement of even the smallest of length changes, into the nanometer range (digital resolution of 0.125 nm).




  • Various correction possibilities for taking the expansion behavior of the system itself into account, as well as offset and sample length correction

  • Automatic adjustment of sign for force and displacement signal to the measurement configuration being used

  • Routines for the determination of characteristic temperatures such as onset, peak and final temperatures

  • Evaluation of glass transitions and softening points in accordance with DIN

  • Automatic shut-off at softening point

  • Expansion coefficients: Calculation and presentation of the technical and physical expansion coefficients

  • Automatic sintering step evaluation

  • Rate Controlled Sintering (RCS) Software: Sintering with a constant shrinkage rate (optional)

  • Measurements with variable force: Determination of visco-elastic properties



Technical Specification:


Max. sample length: 30 mm


Measuring Range: 5000 µm (total) / 500 µm


Dig. resolution (length): 1.25 nm / 0.125 nm


Force range: 0.001 N to 3 N in steps of 0.2 mN (tension or pressure)


Dig. resolution (force): < 0.01 mN


Modulated force: Up to 1 Hz (only F1)


Final vacuum pressure: < 10-4 mbar


Gas connections: Protective gas, 2 purge gases


MFC: Standard (F3 optional)