TLC Visualizer 2


The visual presentation of the complete chromatogram showing all samples and standards side by side is one of the most convincing arguments for Thin-Layer Chromatography. No other chromatographic technique can directly express the result as a color image and make it available for visual evaluation.



To reproducibly acquire and preserve best quality images of TLC/HPTLC chromatograms under different illuminations this high-end imaging and documentation system is now available. With its new digital CCD camera a maximum resolution of 82 μm on the plate is obtained.



For electronic image acquisition the camera – like the human eye – captures polychromatic visible light. Under white light illumination it is the light reflected from the layer background. Under long-wavelength UV light (366 nm) it is the light emitted by fluorescent substances. When short-wavelength UV light (254 nm) is used, substances absorbing UV 254 appear as dark zones, provided the layer contains a fluorescence indicator (fluorescence quenching).



Key features


  • Reproducible high-quality images acquired under homogeneous illumination with the selected light.

  • Easy and intuitive operation with visionCATS

  • High-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI)

  • Side by side comparison of tracks originating from the same or different plates and/or different illumination modes

  • Various image enhancement tools, e.g. Spot Amplification (“Spot Amp”), Clean Plate Correction and Exposure Normalization

  • Image-based profile generation from reference and sample tracks, and subsequent peak integration and calibration

  • New digital CCD camera with a maximum resolution of 82 μm on the plate

  • USB 3.0 for easy PC connection

  • Meets all requirements to be used in a cGMP/cGLP environment

  • IQ/OQ qualification and 21 CFR Part 11 ready

TLC Scanner 4


The TLC Scanner 4 is the most advanced workstation for densitometric evaluation of TLC/HPTLC. It can also be used for densitometric measurements of other planar objects.


How TLC Scanner 4 worksAll functions of the scanner are controlled by winCATS. Only the positioning of the object to be measured is performed manually. If desired for control/ positioning of the scan start position the internal illumination can be switched on. Optimal settings of the electronic amplification are automatically selected for measurements in absorption and fluorescence mode. The 16 bit A/D converter ensures optimal adapted resolution of the measurement signal.The TLC Scanner 4 with winCATS is compliant with the requirements of GMP/GLP and can be IQ/OQ qualified. If you want to use the instrument in a 21 CFR Part 11 environment, the option 21 CFR Part 11«compliance ready» is required for each winCATS workstation.


Key features

  • Measurement of reflection, either in absorbance or fluorescence mode.

  • Object formats up to 200 x 200 mm.· Spectral range from 190 to 900 nm.

  • Automatic start of all lamps: deuterium, halogen-tungsten, and high-pressure mercury lamp.

  • Data step resolution 25–200 μm.· Scanning speed 1–100 mm/s.

  • Spectrum recording up to 100 nm/s.

  • Automatic selection of electronic amplification.

  • Rapid data transfer.



The Bioluminizer system is comprised of a compartment excluding any extraneous light, climate controlled for extended stability of the plate, and a 16 bit CCD digital camera of high resolution and high quantum efficiency. It features ergonomic design and easy, intuitive handling in stand-alone mode using the special software.


With the Bioluminizer bioactivity can be detected and registered economically and with short response time. Special antibacterial protection measures are not necessary, as the bioluminescent bacteria Vibrio fischeri are atoxic for humans.


  • Cooled 16 bit CCD camera with high resolution and high quantum efficiency

  • Climate controlled compartment for prolonged stability of the plate

  • User friendly compact design, easy to clean

TLC-MS Interface 2


The elution-based CAMAG TLC-MS Interface 2 is a highly convenient and versatile instrument allowing for rapid and contamination-free elution of TLC/HPTLC zones with online transfer to a mass spectrometer.



Through the pioneering concept of hyphenating high-performance thin-layer chromatography with mass spectrometry unequivocal substance identification is possible. The CAMAG TLC-MS Interface 2 can be installed plug & play with any LC-MS system without adjustments or mass spectrometer modifications. Depending on the MS system, a substance can be identified within a minute via its mass spectrum, or for an unknown substance zone, the respective sum formula can be obtained. Furthermore, interesting zones can be eluted into vials for further investigations with, e.g., NMR, (ATR-)FTIR, ESI-MS, and MALDI-MS.



The chromatogram zones are eluted from the HPTLC plate with methanol or another suitable solvent with the flow speed appropriate for the LC-MS system. The round elution head is used for circular zones and the oval elution head for zones in the form of bands. After extraction the eluate is either transferred online to the mass spectrometer or collected in a sample vial for further offline analysis.


The CAMAG TLC-MS Interface 2 features a modified elution head and an easily accessible, exchangeable filter, arranged in front of the valve. Cleaning is facilitated as compared to the previous version, making it highly efficient. By pushing a button, the elution path is cleaned of matrix particles with compressed air, increasing the lifetime of the filter and preventing the system from becoming blocked. These filters can be easily replaced without any modification to the elution head.



Key features


  • Rapid and contamination-free elution of selected zones

  • Online transfer to the mass spectrometer

  • Plug & play installation

  • Compatible with any LC-MS system

  • Confirmation of known substances within a minute

  • Highly effective backwashing function prevents the elution path from becoming blocked

  • Easy handling ensures accurate and reproducible plate positioning

  • Low solvent consumption


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