LAUDA Surface Analyzer LSA60

  • For quality control and routine measurements of small to medium sized surfaces and for surfactant solutions

  • Compact size which requires only small bench space

  • Very easy handling with exchangeable manual dosing system

  • Two axis sample platform for exact positioning

  • Powerful algorithms enable precise drop analysis

  • Expandable with automated dosing systems and tilting table modules


LAUDA Surface Analyzer LSA100

  • Ideal for both research & development and quality inspection

  • Accurate pendant drop method with full support for determination of the critical micelle concentration (CMC)

  • Full support of automatic interfacial tension and CMC measurements

  • Depending on model up to two different dosing systems integrated Optional non-contact dosing systems and numerous other modules and accessories.


LAUDA Surface Analyzer LSA200

  • Optional with up to three dosing units and therefore ideal for surface energy determination

  • Wide range of drop calculation methods for the contact angle, supplemented by the Unique TrueDrop method

  • Powerful surface tension measurement makes mechanical tensiometers obsolete


LAUDA Surface Analyzer LSA200 Expert Series

  • Equipped with automatic z-axis and 2-fold dosing fir automatic drop placement and measurement

  • As E2 model with integrated zoom lens, non-contact dosing and automatic x/y/z-axis for automatic surface mapping


LAUDA Surface Analyzer LSA200 Tilting

  • Due to integrated tilting table ideal for automatic measurement of advancing, receeding and roll-of angles for complete characterization of surface properties.

  • All methods for sessile and pendant drop also included


OT100 Optical Drop Tensiometry - For Fully Automatic Measurements



  • Automatic CMC (Critical Micelle Concentration) measurement

  • Accurate and fast measurements due to sophisticated algorithms

  • Fully automatic measurement with automatic dosing system

  • Combination of pendant drop analysis and the drop volume method for most precise results even with dynamic measurements

  • Optional temperature chambers for controlled environment

  • Expandable to contact angle measuring instrument

  • Integrated drop-volume method


LAUDA SCIENTIFIC ANALYZER MOB - Automatic contact angle measurement on large surfaces

  • For quality control, research and full automatic analysis attendant to production

  • Precise measurements from 0°C to 180°C bt Top-View-Young-Laplace evaluation

  • Customizable to any sample size and shape

  • For surface mapping highest drop density without interactions by previous measurements

  • Fully automatic measurement with up to two liquids for Surface Energy Mapping


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