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Simultaneous Thermogravimetry- Differential Scanning Calorimetry (STA/TG-DSC)

STA 449 F5 Jupiter®


A Sophisticated Instrument At A Very Attractive Price


Fully Equipped

This vacuum-tight STA 449 F5 Jupiter® is hand built specifically for your application. Each instrument comes pre-configured as you need it, with all of the hardware and software features that are required by high-temperature applications in the fields of ceramics, metals, inorganics, building materials, etc.


Best Cost-Performance-Ratio

The STA 449 F5 Jupiter® has high resolution, a high range, low drift balance and sensitive DSC capability that enables it to excel in all typical applications across a broad range of temperatures.


Unique Combination – True TG-DSC and TGA for High-Sample Volumes

True TGA and DSC measurements can be performed with high precision and reproducibility at sample temperatures from ambient to 1600°C. TGA measurements are also possible, even on large or heavy samples.


Top-loading – The Proven Design for Thermobalances

The STA 449 F5 Jupiter® is a top-loading system with a balance design that has been preferred for years in laboratories.


The reasons are simple: These systems combine ideal performance with easy handling.


Technical Specification:


Design: Top-loading


Temperature range: RT… 1600°C (sample temperature)


Furnace: SiC furnace on motorized hoist for safe, simplified operation


Heating rate: 0.001 to 50 K/min



· TGA-DSC (standard in system version I)

· TGA-DSCASC (standard for system version II with automatic sample changer)

· TGA (optional for up to large sample sizes)

· TGA-DTA (optional)

All sensors are easily interchangeable within seconds


Vacuum-tight: 10-2 mbar


AutoVac: Integrated for software-controlled automatic evacuation


Evacuation system: Yes


Atmospheres: Inert, oxidizing, static, dynamic, vacuum


Automatic sample changer (ASC): 20 crucible positions (standard for system version II)


Gas flow control: 3 mass flow controllers integrated for 1 protective and 2 purge gases


Temperature resolution: 0.001 K


Balance resolution: 0.01 µg(over the entire weighing range)


BeFlat® Integrated for flat baselines → considers buoyancy correction due to influences by crucible, atmosphere, heating rate, etc. 


Balance drift: < 5 μg/hour


Maximum sample load: 35000 mg (incl. crucible), corresponds to TGA measuring range


Sample volume: Up to 5 cm³ (for TGA crucibles) 


DSC enthalpy accuracy: ± 2% (for most materials)


Evolved gas analysis: QMS, GC-MS and/or FT-IR couplings (options)



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