Simultaneous Thermogravimetry- Differential Scanning Calorimetry (STA/TG-DSC)

STA 449 F1 Jupiter®


Fascinating Flexibility in Thermal Analysis


The STA 449 F1 Jupiter® combines unlimited configuration flexibility and unmatched performance in just one instrument.

  • Thermal stability, decomposition behavior, composition, phase transitions, melting processes to be analyzed comprehensively and quickly

  • Easily to use top-loading system with exceptionally precise balance resolution (25 ng resolution at a weighing range of 5g) and highest long-term stability

  • Interchangeable sensors for DSC measurements with highest sensitivity and best reproducibility for reaction/transition temperatures and enthalpies as well as for measurements of specific heat(videoclip for sensor exchange)

  • A variety of optional system enhancements for ideal system adaption to user-defined applications

  • Various furnaces, easily interchangeable by the user, available (optional a swiveling double hoisting device for two furnaces) - please see accessories

  • Pluggable sample carriers (TGA, TGA-DSC, TGA-DTA, etc.)

  • Automatic Sample Changer (ASC) for up to 20 samples

  • Automatic evacuation and refilling (AutoVac)

  • Plenty of accessories, e.g. sample crucibles in the most varied of forms and materials

  • Unique for STA: temperature-modulated DSC (TM-DSC)


Technical Specification:


Design: Top-loading


Temperature range: -150°C to 2000°C


Furnace: Variety of furnaces incl. high-speed, water-vapor, low to highest temperature, e.g., silver, platinum, etc.


Motorized furnace hoist: Double hoist for two furnaces or one furnace + automatic sample changer


Heating rate:

· 0.001 to 50 K/min (furnace-dependent)

· High-speed furnace: up to 1000 K/min


Sensors: TGA, TGA-DTA, TGA-DSC, TGA-DSC (cp), special sensors for hanging samples. Sensors can be changed out in a matter of seconds.


Vacuum-tight: 10-4 mbar


Evacuation system:

· AutoVac for software-controlled automatic evacuation

· Pump systems for one or two furnaces


Atmospheres: Inert, oxidizing, static, dynamic, vacuum


Oxygen trap system (OTS®): Optional


Automatic sample changer (ASC): 20 crucible positions (optional)


Gas flow control: 3 mass flow controllers


Temperature resolution: 0.001 K


Balance resolution: 0.025 µg


Balance drift: < 2 μg/hour


Maximum sample load: 5000 mg (corresponds to weighing range)


Sample volume (max.)

· TGA: up to 5 ml

· DSC: 0.19 ml

· DTA: 0.9 ml



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