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Solutions for Rubber Testing


Mooney Viscometer

The MV one Mooney Viscometer incorporates the latest measurement technology for the traditional Mooney viscosity, Mooney scorch, and stress relaxation measurement in the rubber industry. The MV one is a fully featured instrument configured for standard viscosity, scorch and stress relaxation (linear, logarithmic, ISO, Mooney Stress-relaxation Rate) testing of rubber compounds under isothermal test conditions at constant speed of 2 rpm. An optional continuously variable motor mode allows tests over a speed range of 0.1 to 10 rpm. The MV one Mooney Viscometer is equipped with low mass rotors that meet all relevant ASTM, ISO, and DIN standards. All TA Instruments rubber testing instruments are constructed on ultra-rigid test frames and include direct drive motors, precision temperature control and the powerful and intuitive Scarabaeus Control and Analysis Software.



  • Superior design for unmatched data precision and accuracy

  • Extremely rigid test frame for accurate compliance-free data·

  • Low mass rotor design and direct heating for fast and accurate temperature control

  • Available high resolution variable speed direct drive motor

  • Automated internal torque calibration

  • Long-life user-replaceable seals

  • Powerful and Intuitive Scarabaeus Software available in multiple languages

  • Large (38.10 mm) and small (30.48 mm) diameter rotors Mooney viscosity, stress relaxation, scorch

Mooney Viscometer Rotors

The MV one Mooney Viscometer is compatible with rotors of both large (38.1 mm) and small (30.48 mm) diameters. Both rotors are endorsed by international standards and can be selected for measurement of low or high viscosity rubbers or polymers. Both rotor types can be used in conjunction with polyester or polyamide films to simplify instrument cleaning and reduce time between runs. Rotors are designed with low mass to optimize thermal response and transient speed changes at the beginning and end of shearing steps.


Torque Calibration

Calibration is software driven and does not require the use of external weights, fixtures, or reference materials. A weight of known mass is connected by a well-defined radius, creating a constant torque value. The software driven torque calibration routine uses this internal standard to ensure utmost data accuracy.


Sample Cutter

Sample preparation is made safe and simple with the VS volumetric sample cutter. This dual-action pneumatic system allows for the preparation of uncured rubber specimens of a user-defined volume. Preparing samples in this well-controlled fashion reduces operational variability, greatly improving overall experimental precision.