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ARES - G2 Rheometer

The ARES-G2 is the most advanced rheometer for research and material development. It is the only rheometer with dual-head, or separate motor and transducer, technology for the PUREST rheological measurements. No other rheometer is capable of measuring stress independently of the applied shear deformation. It is recognized by the rheological community as the industry standard to which all other measurements are compared for accuracy. The ARES-G2 platform offers an array of new features including unrivaled data accuracy, unmatched strain and new stress control, fully integrated fast data sampling, new Smart Swap™ environmental systems with patented active temperature control, powerful new TRIOS Software, and NEW LAOS and FT Rheology Analysis.


Only ARES-G2 provides independent measurements of stress and strain rate

When it comes to making the most accurate rheological measurements, two heads are simply better than one! Consider that the rheological behavior of materials is described by material functions such as the modulus or viscosity. Modulus is the ratio of stress to strain and viscosity is the ratio of stress to strain rate. In order for a rheometer to make the purest and most accurate rheological measurements, it is best to measure the fundamental parameters of stress and strain or strain rate independently. The ARES-G2 provides rheological measurements free of instrument artifacts over wide ranges of stress, strain, and frequency.

ARES-G2 Dual-Head Rheometer Design Advantage

At the heart of the ARES-G2 rheometer is a new advanced motor and transducer. The ARES-G2 FRT Transducer directly measures torque and normal force from the current required to drive rotational and linear motors to maintain zero position. New features of the FRT include a dynamic torque range of 5,000,000 to 1, a more robust air bearing, a patented higher resolution capacitive angle sensor (patent #’s 7,075,317 and 7,135,874), and new patented non-contact temperature sensing technology (patent # 6,931,915. The independent torque measurement eliminates the need to correct for motor friction and inertia, which translates to the purest torque measurement available.


The ARES-G2 direct drive motor is designed to deliver the most accurate rotational motion over wide ranges of angular displacements and speeds. Key components of the design include air bearings, an 800 mN.m high-torque friction-free DC motor, patented non-contact temperature sensing, and an optical encoder. The thrust and radial bearings provide friction free rigid support with excellent concentricity and no axial run-out for superior shear and normal force measurements.


Frame, Vertical Movement, and Alignment

The ARES-G2 frame and vertical movement assembly is built to deliver maximum stiffness, low axial compliance (0.1 􀀀m/N), and the most accurate geometry positioning and alignment.

  • The steel frame provides high strength, optimum damping for high frequency testing, and dimensional stability over a wide temperature range.

  • The transducer mount is held rigidly against the frame by two hardened steel cross roller slides.

  • The slides deliver smooth vertical movement of the head while maintaining concentricity and parallelism. This is critical when setting a gap in parallel plates.

  • The transducer head is positioned vertically via a precision ground lead screw. It is attached to a micro-stepping motor by a rigid, preloaded, duplex bearing, which eliminates backlash.

  • A linear optical encoder is mounted directly between the stationary frame and moving bracket for precision head positioning, independent of the lead screw movement, to an accuracy of 0.1 micron.