DXR™3 Raman Microscope

Access Raman data faster than ever with this easy-to-use point-and-shoot Raman Microscope. Advanced imaging capabilities make the Thermo Scientific™ DXR™3 Raman Microscope faster and more reliable than ever.

Users can more confidently use their Raman data thanks to Automatic X-axis Calibration which improves reliability and stability. With speed and flexibility from new lasers and gratings the DXR3 Raman Microscope is ideal for applications like pharmaceutical, academic, advanced polymers, microplastics and many more.

Recommended for:

Forensics – trace evidence and illicit drug identification
Pharmaceutical – polymorphs, particulate contaminants, and diffusion studies
Art Restoration/Conservation – identify and characterize pigments, resins, glazes, and inks
Archaeology – characterize horn, shell, bone, and ceramic artifacts
Solar – Silicon crystallinity; characterization of photovoltaic materials
Polymers – inclusions and gel defects, weathering effects, tie layers in laminates, and crystallinity
Failure analysis – characterizing particulates and small features on surfaces
Gemology – rapid ID of colored stones, distinguishing natural and synthetic diamonds, characterizing inclusions and adulterants
Nanotechnology – characterize graphene, CNTs, DLC coatings and other nanostructures
Academic research – useful in material science, biological studies, and many applied research fields