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LA-960 Laser Particle Size Analyser

The LA-960 combines the most popular modern sizing technique, Mie Scatteriing (laser diffraction) with state of the art refinements to measure particle size of suspensions or dry powder, measuring 10 nanometres to 5 millimetres. It also solves a vast array of application issues in pharmaceutical, functional polymers, energy, pigments, papers and minerals in a unique optical bench that is user-friendly with  a robust , powerful method expert software that generate effective data in a short amount of time.



  • Latest Technology and Highest Performance in laser diffraction

  • The dynamic wide measurement range; 0.01- 5000 microns (up to 3000 microns for wet method)

  • Incorporates the previous strengths over a broader range of sizes - 3 dimensional data simulation which generates scattered light patterns for HORIBA original optical layout are used for the calculation.

  • The results can be compared with the theoretical results including all the optical component parameter effects. The comparison allows for the selection of the best approach of the size and distributions. Certified samples as small as 20 nm can be handled by the new algorithms.

  • Suitable for suspensions, emulsions, powders, pastes, gels, and creams

  • Requires only micrograms* of sample, minimizing cost of analysis

  • Measurements in less than 60 seconds boost productivity

  • Based on the ultra-durable LA-950 platform, noted for its reliability

Performance Guarantee:

  • Guaranteed high data accuracy of ±0.6%

  • Excellent unit-to-unit precision, ideal for multi-location requirements

  • ISO 13320:2009 compliant

  • IQ/OQ available

  • Traceability support

Measurement Techniques:


The LA-960 combines the most popular modern sizing technique with state of the art refinements to measure wet and dry samples measuring 10 nanometers to 5 millimeters.


  • Wet Measurement

 The wet circulation system is an easy, fast and very powerful dispersion system. The standard wet system offers a full package of a dispersant fill pump, liquid level sensor, circulation pump, 30W in-line ultrasonic probe, and drain valve, which is all software-controlled for true one-button operation. This advanced design provides high reproducible particle size results.


  • Dry Measurement

The Powderjet combines several unique and patented features to provide the most reproducible dry measurement. It uses the Auto Measurement function to control vacuum, air pressure, powder flow, start / stop conditions, measurement duration, and data processing. Designed to handle every application including small sample amounts, friable powders, and highly agglomerated materials, the LA-960 Powderjet solves the biggest challenge yet in dry powder measurement by establishing an even powder flow.

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