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Dialysis Tubing, Cassettes and Devices

SnakeSkin Dialysis Tubing and Clips


Regenerated cellulose membrane dialysis tubing in several diameters and molecular weight cutoffs (MWCO) -3.5K, 7K & 10K; for sample dialysis to exchange buffers or remove small contaminants from aqeous samples.

Slide-A-Lyzer MINI Dialysis Devices


Effectively dialyze small-volume (10μL to 2mL) samples in microcentrifuge or standard 15- and 50-mL tubes without the need for dialysis tubing or bags. Five sizes for 0.1- to 30-mL samples and 5 membrane MW designations are available for diverse buffer exchange and protein purification.

Slide-A-Lyzer G2 Dialysis Cassettes


The second generation (G2) of Slide-A-Lyzer Dialysis Cassettes for efficient sample dialysis and buffer exchange without using dialysis tubing or bags. Cassettes can be loading with a serological pipette or syringe and include an integrated float. Several volumes and MWCO dialysis membrane sizes are available – 2K, 3.5K, 7K, 10K, 20K.

Slide-A-Lyzer Dialysis Flasks


Thermo Scientific Slide-A-Lyzer Dialysis Flasks facilitate simple and effective removal of buffer salts and small contaminants from proteins and other macromolecules in sample volumes up to 250mL. Slide-A-Lyzer Dialysis Flasks are manufactured using clean room conditions and have low-protein binding regenerated cellulose membranes to ensure maximum sample recovery and sample purity.

Slide-A-Lyzer Concentrating Solution for Dialysis


Thermo Scientific Slide-A-Lyzer Concentrating Solution effectively decreases the volume of samples by osmotically absorbs water across dialysis membrane to rapidly concentrate samples without the risk of contaminating the sample.