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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

A dedicated NMR spectrometer for your research, industrial process or classroom. The Thermo Scientific™ picoSpin™ 45 Proton NMR Spectrometer is a true breakthrough in chemical instrumentation. Liquid samples are simply injected into an internal capillary via front-panel fittings, requiring only 20 microlitres of sample fluid to obtain a spectrum. The picoSpin-45 Proton NMR Spectrometer is the world's first miniature FT-nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. Built to perform, this analytical tool is affordable and compact enough for any teaching, research or industrial lab.

picoSpin ™ NMR Spectrometer


The picoSpin 45 NMR Spectrometer is designed for ease of use: liquid samples are simply injected into an internal capillary via front-panel fittings and only 20 microliters of sample fluid is needed to obtain a spectrum. By drastically lowering cost and size (it occupies a small fraction of the space of a conventional NMR spectrometer), the picoSpin 45 instrument makes NMR spectroscopy accessible to a variety of laboratories. Simple to operate, it allows students and technicians with limited NMR experience to use the power of NMR spectroscopy to identify chemical compounds or elucidate their structure.

Miniature 45MHz 1H pulsed FT NMR spectrometer

  • High-performance, high-resolution, lightweight and portable instrument

  • Easy-to-use spectrometer — requires no specialized training for operation

  • Replaceable capillary cartridge

  • Micro coil capillary probe

  • Fully programmable pulse sequencer

  • Ethernet interface

  • Web-server GUI

picoSpin™ 80 NMR Spectrometer

Created to be the world's highest resolution compact nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer, the Thermo Scientific™ picoSpin™ 80 spectrometer provides the power of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy in a compact and affordable instrument.


Typically only found in NMR instruments 50 times its size, the picoSpin 80 includes the 2 Tesla magnets, which boasts superior resolution that reveals chemical information not available using smaller magnetic fields. The picoSpin 80 offers the chemistry education community a hands-on tool for chemical identity—enhancing student learning with an affordable, cryogen-free instrument.


This versatile instrument can be placed and operated in many locations with little down-time and features:

  • Compact 80MHz 1H pulsed FT NMR spectrometer

  • Powerful analytical tool in an affordably sized package

  • Quick start-up, lightweight, and portable

  • Highest resolution in class