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Nicolet Summit FT-IR Spectrometer

Confidently identify sample components and rapidly verify materials with less effort so you can make critical decisions fast. Use the compact Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ Summit FTIR Spectrometer to quickly see pass/fail QC results on a multi-colored LED LightBar on the front of the instrument.


Reduce the number of steps to take measurements, automate workflows and generate reports with the Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™ Paradigm Software run on a built-in Windows® computer. Send and share data in the Cloud with Wi-Fi connectivity.

This spectrometer is ideal for busy QA/QC and teaching labs.


Reason to choose the Nicolet Summit FTIR Spectrometer:

  • Powerful performance - Collect accurate spectra with a signal to noise ratio of 40,000:1 and best in class spectral resolution (0.45 cm-1)

  • LightBar Feedback - Gives you a quick visual indication of sample quality ranging from 0-100

  • Library Included- OMNIC Paradigm Software includes a spectral library with up to 10,000 spectra

  • Smart Background - Automatically collect backgrounds while the instruments is idle, cutting analysis time by 50% compared to previous generations


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