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Nicolet™ iS50 FT-IR Spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS50 spectrometer carries forward all the flexibility and performance of the Nicolet iS50 spectrometer system, with the added capabilities for the research spectroscopist. The Nicolet iS50 includes dual sources and triple detector optics, multiple on-board digitizers and easy access to spectrometer data and control signals.


An expanded Thermo Scientific Omnic software suite bundles several advanced tools including Peak Resolve™, OMNIC™ Series, and SpectraCorr™. A key upgrade found in the Nicolet iS50 is the Vectra-Plus™ Step-scan interferometer with associated SST control software. Step-scan data collection lets you take on experiments with complex time dependent signals that make standard scanning methods impractical. Examples include emission signal from pulsed sources, experiments using choppers, microsecond and nanosecond time-resolved absorbance, photo acoustic and photocurrent responses.

Key features:

  • Dual Source capable

  • The Polaris™ long-life IR source

  • Tungsten-Halogen white light source

  • Three detectors for the main sample compartment

  • High-resolution standard

  • Validation wheel standard

  • All gold optics standard (aluminum available)

  • Full support for existing accessories

  • Energy screens for high-res motorized (standard)

  • Optional purge shutters

  • Optional motorized filters

  • Optional motorized polarizer

  • Collimated or focused emission port

Optional Modules:

  • Built-in mid- and far-IR capable diamond ATR

  • Automated Beamsplitter Exchanger (ABX)

  • Sample compartment Raman accessory

  • NIR module with Integrating Sphere and Fiber Optic connections

  • TGA-IR accessory

  • GC-IR module

   Recommended for:

  • Polymers and Rubbers

  • Forensics

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Pigments/Paints/Inks

  • Food/Flavors/Oils

  • General Laboratories

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