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Nicolet iS5 FT-IR Spectrometer

Combining compact size, affordable price and superior performance, the Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS5 FT-IR Spectrometer offers the perfect performance, fit and value for an entry-level spectrometer. It is the ideal spectrometer for product assurance testing and material identification for industrial, government and academic labs around the world.


The Nicolet iS5 FT-IR Spectrometer Features:


Durable Design:


The Nicolet iS5 FT-IR Spectrometer is designed to provide trouble-free operation in the most challenging environments.

  • Field-proven optics encased in a sturdy magnesium-alloy frame

  • Thermally-controlled diode laser provides years of worry-free use

  • User-accessible parts minimize service costs

  • Withstands a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions

  • Vibration, electromagnetic interference (EMI), dust, and tilt were considered in the design

  • Magnesium-alloy construction provides excellent mechanical characteristics for stiffness, thermal properties, vibrational dampening and reduced weight

Easy Maintenance:


  • Replacing the IR source of desiccant in your spectrometer does not require a service call or even opening up the instrument.

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