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Nicolet Continuµm Infrared Microscope

The Nicolet Continuμm™ Infrared Microscope provides fully automated operation, making it easy and efficient to use while also offering visual observation of microscopic samples and chemical characterization of most organic and inorganic compounds. 


Key Features:

  • Unparalleled Infrared Performance

  • Unique compensating IR optics ensure perfect matching of IR/visible beams

  • Automated dual reflex aperture provides diffraction-limited spectra

  • Sampling flexibility with transmission, reflectance and micro-ATR

  • Chemical image acquisition and analysis with available Atlμs™ Software

  • TruView Optics combined with the spectral collection preview mode


High-Performance Optical Microscopy:


Optical design provides sharp sample images essential for revealing fine structure in both visible and infrared microscopy analysis.

  • Infinity-corrected optics

  • Choice of visible compound objectives

  • Visual enhancement tools for any kind of sample, including fluorescence and polarized light

  • Video capture with color digital CCD camera for software integration and documentation

Recommended for the characterization of micro sample in:

  • Failure analysis

  • Product consistency verification

  • Reverse engineering

  • Research and development

  • Measurement of bulk, surface and composite structures in material science applications, including:

    • Forensic analysis

    • Surface analysis

    • Art conservation

    • Mineralogy

    • Biochemistry

    • Homeland security

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