Thermal Diffusivity and Conductivity LFA/ GHP/ HFM

LFA 467  HyperFlash® – Light Flash Apparatus


New Dimensions in the Measurment of Thermal Diffusivity and Conductivity-




  • Broadest temperature range available, from -100°C to 500°C

  • Sample throughput up to 4 times higher due to sample holder for 16 samples

  • ZoomOptics for more precise measurement results without measurement errors

  • Ultra-fast recording of measurement data for thin samples (2 MHz)


Technical Specification:


Temperature range: -100°C to 500°C, with only one single furnace


Contactless: Measurement of the temperature increase with IR detector


Data acquisition rate: Up to 2 MHz (for both thermal curve and pulse mapping)


Measuring range thermal diffusivity: 0.01 mm2/s to 1000 mm2/s


Measuring range thermal conductivity: < 0.1 W/(mK) to 2000 W/(mK)


Sample dimensions: 

  • 6 mm to 25.4 mm diameter

  • 0.01 mm to 6 mm thickness



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