Thermal Diffusivity and Conductivity LFA/ GHP/ HFM

LFA 427


Laser Flash Apparatus/ Pyrometer version for up to 2800°C


The LFA 427 is the most powerful and versatile LFA system for research and development as well as all applications involving characterization of standard and high-performance materials in automobile manufacturing, aeronautics, astronautics and energy technology.



  • Laser Flash technique over the broadest temparature range

  • A special version with a pyrometer allows measurements from room temperature to 2800°C


Technical Specification:


Temperature range: -120°C to 400°C, RT to 1300°C, RT to 1575°C, RT to 2000°C, RT to 2800°C (5 furnace types)


Heating- and cooling rates: 0.01 K/min to 50 K/min (dependent on furnace)


Laser power:  25 J/pulse, (adjustable power and pulse duration)


Contactless measurement of temperature risewith IR detector


Measuring range: 0.01 mm2/s to 1000 mm2/s (thermal diffusivity)


Sample holder for liquids: Platinum

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