Accelerating Rate Calorimetry


IBC 284- Isothermal Battery Calorimeter


A Crucial Tool for Thermal Managment of Battery Packs


Is designed to test the performance and safety of energy storage devices such as large format lithium ion batteries used extensively in electric vehicles and airplanes, as well as stationary power back-up and storage applications.


The instrumentation is able to safely and accurately characterize heat output and efficiency of the batteries in varying temperature, pressure, load and use conditions, providing precise and critical information previously unavailable.


Temperature has a strong impact on performance, safety, and life of batteries. Temperature control is necessary to successfully operate lithium ion batteries, particularly for electric drive vehicles.




  • Measures heat signature of large format cells


  • Test small and large cylindrical, pouch and prismatic cells and other energy storage devices


  • Accurate heat measurements lead to better thermal management, improving performance, lifetime and safety of battery systems


  • Patented high power connections result in true battery heat measurements due to the elimination of heat losses


  • Independently measures charging and discharging efficiency over different temperature ranges and SOCs*


  • Calorimetric-driven development decreases time to market


Technical Specification:


Maximum battery size:

12 x 8 x 6 (inches)

30 x 20 x 15 (cm)


Maximum power (heat measurement): 50 W


Sensitivity: 30 mW


Temperature range: -30°C to 60°C


Baseline noise: 5 mW


A/D: 24 bit


Data acquistion rate: 10 to 20 Hz


Heating/cooling: 5°C/hr


Isothermal bath (temperature stability): ±0.01°C


Enthalpy accuracy: ±2%


Third party cycler: Turn-key solution available


Specification typical cycler:

· Dependent

· Charge/discharge current: up to 300 A

· Current accuracy: 5 mA

· Voltage accuracy: 1 mV

· Charge/discharge volts: 50 V


Pressure accuracy:

5% FS (0 to 10 psi transducer)

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