Multiple Mode Calorimetry

High Temperature Coin Cell Module for MMC 274 Nexus®


The High Temperature Coin Cell Module is a new exchangeable calorimeter module for the MMC 274 Nexus® specially dedicated to coin cell battery studies. It is the only coin cell DSC module available.


The instrument can be coupled with a fully featured battery analyzer. Data generated from the MMC run is merged with the data generated from the cycler/analyzer allowing for battery data and thermal data to be plotted and analyzed on the same axis.


The user can perform discharge tests to evaluate battery condition, cycle batteries to improve performance and gain insight into overall battery condition in an isothermal or temperature scanning mode.


Key Features:


  • The only dedicated calorimeter for coin cell measurement up to 300°C.


  • Use unique differential measuring principle for improved stability and sensitivity to capture even weak heat signal from coin cell.


  • Characterize coin cell as a whole to mimic the cell performance in real world


  • Easy to use and can run both isothermal charging/discharging method and scanning method for complete characterization of coin cell



Technical Specification:


ŸTemperature range: RT to 300°C


Temperature resolution: 0.001 K


Heating rate: 0.01 to 5 K/min


Coin cell size (Diameter/Thickness): 5 to 30 mm/ 1 to 5mm


RMS noise: 10 µW


Energy measurement accuracy: <3%


Modes of operation: Isothermal, Constant heating, DSC


Number of sample cell/ reference cell: 1/1

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