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High-Temperature DMA/DMTA


All EPLEXOR® instruments can be delivered in high-temperature versions. Two high-temperature furnaces are available: RT to 1000°C and RT to 1500°C. Both furnaces feature heating rates between 0.1 K/min and 30 K/min.

With a standard furnace (-150°C to 500°C) simultaneously mounted, it is possible to carry out consecutive test runs in the high- and the low-temperature range.


The application fields of HT-EPLEXOR® systems cover ceramics, glasses, metals, all kind of composites, polymers and other organic substances i.e., a very broad spectrum of material properties.The electronics of the system identifies automatically which furnace is currently used.



Technical Specification:


ŸTemperature range: -150°C to 1500°C


Frequency range: 0.01 to 100 Hz; optional: 0.0001 Hz; 200 Hz


Static force range: From 1500 N up to 8000 N


Dynamic force range: from ± 25 N up to ± 8000 N


Force sensor: Interchangeable, nominal forces available from 10 N to 12000 N


Blade springs: For compensation of high static forces and for extending the measuring range Ÿ 


Static displacement:  Max. 50 mm Ÿ 


Work space of the high-temperature furnaces: Cylindrical chamber, diameter: 70 mm, height: 120 mm

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