Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

EPLEXOR Series Up to 500 N


High- Force DMA/DMTA


The testing instruments of the EPLEXOR® series up to 500 N enable the dynamic mechanical (or static) characterization of a wide range of different materials including elastomers and polymers, composites, metals, glasses, ceramics, biomaterials and foods, adhesives, and liquids.


The modular design of the high-force DMA/DMTA systems allows for measurements in the tension, compression, bending and shearing modes. The testing machines in this series differ from each other mainly in terms of their maximum dynamic force ranges of 25 N, 50 N, 150 N and 500 N.


Various add-on options make these testing machines a safe investment for the long-term.

All testing machines in this series are conform to standards such as DIN 53513, ISO 6721/1, ISO 6721/4, ISO 6721/5, ISO 6721/6, ISO 4664, ASTM D4065, and ASTM D4473.  




  • Flexible and Set for the Future

         Variety of force and strain sensors as well as furnaces which allow for easy

         upgrades to the basic system at any time after the first installation


  • High Force Levels 

         Allowing for static loads up to 1500 N and dynamic loads up to ± 500 N


  • Two Independent Drives 

         Featuring a servo motor for static and a shaker for dynamic loads


  • Interchangeable Force Sensors 

         Which can be easily changed out by the operator; nominal loads available ranging

         from 10 N to 5000 N


  • 24/7 Operation via the Automatic Sample Changer 

         For tension, compression and bending samples across the entire temperature range

         around the clock


  • Optimized for Temperature Sweeps on Large Samples 


  • Highly Economic LN2 Cooling 


Technical Specification:


Temperature range:  -150°C to 1500°C (temperature range covered by three furnaces)


Frequency range: 0.01 Hz to 100 Hz; optional 0.0001 Hz and 200 Hz


Static force range: 1500 N (optional 5000 N)


Dynamic force range: ± 500 N, ± 150 N,  ± 100 N, ± 25 N


Force sensor: Interchangeable; nominal forces available from 10 N to 5000 N


Blade springs: Counteract the static forces and allow for independent superposition of the dynamic forces


Max. sample dimensions (inside the standard furnace):

  • tension:  80 mm x 10 mm x 10 mm (80 mm length)

  • shear:  4 mm to 20 mm (standard: 10 mm)

  • 3-point bending:  up to 70 mm free bending length (up to 120 mm sample length)

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