Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA)

PERSEUS® TG 209 F1 Libra®


The Perfect TGA-FT-IR Coupling Solution


It is robust and stands out by virtue of its high performance, compactness and attractive price. This instrument integrates the small but powerful FT-IR with the TGA and has the potential to fit into any laboratory – be it in universities or industry, quality assurance or development.


It can be employed for the following application areas:

  • Analysis of decomposition processes

  • Evaporation, outgassing

  • Desorption behavior

  • Solid gas reactions

  • Detection of volatiles

  • Compositional analysis

  • Analysis of aging process



Affordable gas analysis, No liquid nitrogen required, No separate transfer line, Space saving design


Technical Specification:


Temperature range: RT-1100°C


Gas cell length/volume: 70 mm / 5.8 ml


Detector:  DLaTGS


Heating of gas cell: 200°C in maximum, software-controlled


Spectral range of FT-IR data: 6000 cm-1 to 500 cm-1


Windows material of gas cell: ZnSe



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