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DXR™3 SmartRaman Spectrometer


The Thermo Scientific DXR™3 SmartRaman spectrometer is a walk-up, Raman analytical tool designed for bulk analysis in busy multi-purpose analytical labs, where users require reproducible and accurate results from dependable, low maintenance instrumentation. With Smart, pin-in-place sampling accessories designed to address the full range of sampling needs, the DXR SmartRaman takes its place in environments that range from routine QA/QC to the research laboratory.


The DXR SmartRaman spectrometer is designed for sampling versatility and to be easy to use. With its unique features, experts and non-experts alike deliver optimal results, effortlessly.


  • Measure samples directly through glass bottles, jars, and vials—clear or colored.

  • Measure samples directly through plastic bags.

  • Expandable measurement spot size, up to 5 × 5 mm, provides representative sampling of heterogeneous materials.

  • Sample accessories available to support automated measurements of well-plates, tablet arrays, tubes, and vials. Great for automating measurements of large numbers of samples.

  • Accommodates specialized cells for high and low temperature measurements and electrochemical measurements.

  • Remote sampling for samples too large to fit in the sample compartment, with optional fiber-optic probes.

  • Extensive software tools automate analyses to go beyond data to answers.


High Performance:

  • Full spectral range of 3500 to 50 cm-1 captured with a single exposure of the CCD avoids stitching artifacts

  • User-adjustable measurement area from 10 μm to 5 mm using Variable Dynamic Point Sampling (VDPS).

  • Automatic fluorescence correction available with all excitation lasers

  • Automatic intensity correction generates spectra that are comparable between instruments and different excitation lasers

  • Multidimensional wavelength calibration provides accurate wavelength calibration across entire spectral range

  • Patented Triplet spectrograph provides exceptional peak shape and maintains focus at all wavelengths

  • Patented algorithm for automated cosmic ray rejection and high-quality laser line filters ensure artifact-free spectra

  • Lasers depolarized to avoid confusing sample orientation effects

  • Laser Power Regulator provides active monitoring of laser power and ensures reproducible laser excitation power over the lifetime of lasers and even after replacing lasers

  • Optimized gratings for each excitation laser avoid performance sacrifices of systems that share gratings for multiple excitation lasers.

  • Patented autoalignment ensures system can be maintained in like-new condition

  • Patented Smart-backgrounds automatically remove CCD dark energy profile

Recommended For:

  • Forensics – illicit drug identification. Automate measurement of many samples, support infrared ID for backup in court

  • Pharmaceutical – distinguish polymorphs and salt forms, characterize tablets

  • Gemology – rapid ID of colored stones, distinguishing natural and synthetic diamonds

  • Nanotechnology – characterize bulk nanotubes, QC of nanotubes

  • Academic research – useful in material science, biological studies, and many applied research fields


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