Differential Scanning Calorimetery (DSC)

DSC 214 Polyma


The System Solution for Efficient Characterization of Polymers


The unique design of this instrument encompasses everything needed for successful DSC investigations – regardless of whether the user is a beginner or an experienced professional.


Above all, it is the two new software developments that are setting new standards: 

AutoEvaluation and Identify. These have the potential to revolutionize DSC analysis.

  • New all-inclusive 360° product package for the characterization of polymers

  • Easier sample preparation than ever before

  • Automated measurement and evaluation



Easy-to-use, robust, precise, optimized for everyday use


Technical Specification:


Temperature range: -170°C to 600°C


Heating/Cooling rate: 0.001 K/min to 500 K/min*


Indium Response Ratio: > 100 mW/K **


Resolution (technical): 0.1 µW


Enthalpy precision: ±0.1% for indium; ±0.05% to ± 0.2% for most samples


Specific heat determination: Optional


Temperature modulation: Optional


Cooling device options:

· Compressed air cooling (RT to 600°C)

· IC40 (-40°C to 600°C)

· IC70 (-70°C to 600°C)

· LN2, automatically controlled (-170°C to 600°C)


Gas atmospheres: Inert, oxidizing, static and dynamic operation


Gas controller: · Switches for 3 gases included · MFC for 3 gases, optional


ASC: Up to 20 samples and references, optional


Software: Proteus® The software runs under the operating systems Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

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