Differential Scanning Calorimter (DSC)

DSC 204 F1 Phoenix®


The Premium DSC For All Requirments


The versatile Premium Differential Scanning Calorimeter, DSC 204 F1 Phoenix®, fascinates with its unique concept: all essential operational components are integrated into the instrument and optional add-ons can be installed anytime on site. 

The DSC measuring cell consists of a cylindrical high-conductivity silver block with an embedded heating coil for broad thermal symmetry (3D symmetry) in the sample chamber, the cooling ports for liquid nitrogen or compressed air cooling and a cooling ring for connection of the intracooler (also with simultaneous liquid nitrogen cooling). The gas-tight construction and integrated mass flow controllers for the purge and protective gases allow coupling to an FT-IR or MS for gas analysis.



Technical Specification: 


Temperature range: -180°C to 700°C


Heating/Cooling rate: 0.001 to 200 K/min


Resolution (digital): 0.01 µW (µ-sensor)


Sensitivity:  t-sensor 3.2 µV/mW ,  µ-sensor: 70 µV/mW


Sensor time constant: < t-sensor: < 0.6 s < µ-sensor: < 3s


Enthalpy accuracy: < 1%


Exchangeable sensors:

·  t-sensor (-180°C to 700°C) (short time constant)

·  µ-sensor (-150°C to 400°C) (very high sensitivity)


Cooling device options:

·  Compressed air: RT to 700°C, with cold air generator: 0°C to 700°C 

·  Intracooler: -85°C to 600°C  Liquid nitrogen: -180°C to 700°C


Gas atmospheres: Inert, oxidizing, static, dynamic


Gas-tight: Yes


Mass flow controller for purge/protective gases :3


Automatic Sample Changer (ASC): Optional for 64 samples


ASC reference sample changer: Yes


Temperature-modulated DSC (TM-DSC*): Optional


Coupling to evolved gas analysis: MS and/or FT-IR, even with ASC

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