Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

DMA 242 E Artemis


The Most Versatile DMA in the World


The new DMA 242 E Artemis combines ease of handling with the user-friendly Proteus® measurement and evaluation software. This makes it fast and easy to characterize the dynamic mechanical properties as a function of frequency, temperature and time.


Its modular design along with a wide variety of sample holders and cooling systems allow the DMA 242 E Artemis to handle a broad range of applications and samples.

Various add-on options make it the ideal device for any laboratory and a safe investment for the long-term.




  • Hang-down design

  • Over 30 different sample holders

  • Controlled gas flow (inert or oxidizing) with optimal heat transfer on samples for defined measurement conditions

  • Various cooling options. Two different cooling systems; liquid nitrogen-controlled cooling to -170°C and compressed-air cooling with vortex tube to cool to 0°C

  • Controlled force range up to 24 N

  • A stepper motor with a 20-mm travel range


Technical Specification:


Temperature range: -170°C to 600°C


Heating rate: 0.01 K/min to 20 K/min


Frequency range: 0.01 Hz to 100 Hz


Force range with high force: 24 N (max.)


Force range with high resolution: 8 N (max.)


Maximum controlled strain amplitude: ± 240 μm


Static deformation: Up to 20 mm


Modulus range: 10-3 to 106 MPa


Damping range (tanδ): 0.005 to 100


Cooling device:

· Liquid nitrogen

· Compressed air with vortex tube for cooling to 0°C


Deformation modes:

· 3-point bending

· Single / dual cantilever bending

· Shearing · Tension

· Compression/penetration


Additional measurement modes:

· Iso-strain

· TMA mode

· Creep / relaxation

· Stress / strain sweep


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