Dilatometry (DIL)

DIL 402 E/7 & E/8


Pyro - Vacuum-tight, horizontal pushrod dilatometer


Reliable thermal expansion measurements up to 2800°C


The DIL 402 E dilatometer can be operated to 2400°C (E/7) or 2800°C (E/8) with the appropriate graphite furnace; optical pyrometers are applied for temperature measurement and control. In this mode, high-temperature resistant samples are tested in glass carbon sample holders under inert atmosphere or vacuum.


Operation to 2000°C is also possible with this dilatometer using thermocouples for temperature measurement and control. Graphite materials, high-temperature ceramics and refractory metals are among the application areas for this versatile, modular high-temperature dilatometer.



Technical Specification:


Temperature range: RT to 2800°C


User-interchangeable furnaces:

· RT to 2000°C (thermocouple operation) to 650°C to 2400°C (pyrometer operation)

· RT to 2000°C (thermocouple operation) to 650°C to 2800°C (pyrometer operation)


Interchangeable protective tubes for the 2400°C furnace*

· Al2O3 (also for tests under oxidative atmospheres up to 1680°C)

· Glassy carbon (up to 2000°C)


Heating rate: 0.01 to 50 K/min


Cooling systems:  Water cooling or cooling thermostat



· Inert (He > 2000°C)

· Oxidizing (graphite furnace up to 1680°C with special Al2O3 protective tube)

· Reducing

· Static and dynamic operation


Vacuum: <10-4 mbar (10-2 Pa)


Gas flow control options:

· Gas flow control supplement for 1 gas path

· MFC gas control box for 3 gases


Measuring range: 500/5000 μmmax


Load at the sample: 15 cN to 45 cN


Δl resolution: 0.125 nm/digit, 1.25 nm/digit


Sample diameter:

· 12 mm in thermocouple operation

· 6 mm in pyrometer operation


Sample length: Up to 25 mm in thermocouple or pyrometer operation up to 2800°C


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