Courses & Training

We provide you seminars & trainings for you to acquire the necessary know how to solve your application tasks and get the most out of our instruments. The training courses include both theoretical and practical sessions. Besides, the class size is kept to a minimum to ensure that each participant has access to the instruments, as well as sufficient time to address his/her specific topics of interest.

FTIR Interpretation Course

FTIR Interpretation Course

Lab Asia

Lab Asia

OMNIC Software Suite Training

OMNIC Software Suite Training

Fundamentals of FTIR Spectroscopy

Course Outline:


• Basic FTIR theory

• Creating experiment files

• Performing basic post collection data manipulation

• Creating user reference libraries

• Creating custom user reports

• Advanced data processing to optimize library search results

Advanced OMNIC

Software Suite Training

Course Outline:


• Advanced material characterization

• Method development

• Dynamic spectroscopy

• Microspectroscopy and Imaging

FTIR Spectral Interpretation Course

Course Outline:


• Theory of infrared absorption

• Infrared instrumentation

• Infrared spectral interpretation

• Interpretation tools, aids & techniques

• Sample for identification examination

• Characteristics group frequencies

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