Glass Capillary Viscometer

  • Viscosity measurement with Ubbelohde, Cannon Fenske, and Micro-Ostwald capillary viscometers

  • Ring marks without detection disturbance

  • Corrosion-resistance labelling

  • Ubbelohde for dilution series with calibration certificate


Visco-Fix Systems

  • Available for Ubbelohde, Automatic- Cleaning Ubbelohde, Mirco-Ubbelohde and automatic dilution Ubbelohde

  • Higher precision due to longer use of same capillary viscometer

  • Easy cleaning with individual beakers

  • Clean and safe draining and drying

  • Safe - no more glass breakage in the thermostat or during manual handling

  • Convenient storage in the newly developed packaging


iVisc - Easy to operate and compact professional viscometry


  • For quality control of polymers, recycled materials, and finished products

  • Bench-save sensitive solution by combining iVisc and Viscocool 6

  • Peltier-based, highly precise temperature control from 15 to 90 °C

  • Exceptional temperature stability < 0.01°C without external cooling

  • Ideal platform for flexible polymer characterization

  • Comprehensive calculation algorithms already integrated

  • Recommended sample throughput 2 to 4 samples per day


Modular Solution: Processor Viscosity System (PVS)



  • It permits efficient system solutions which are perfectly adapted to the needs of users. This way, you can design the configurations very flexibly for a higher number of samples and new tasks by integrating special components and software modules.

  • The extensive automation; for example, with the cleaning of the glass capillary viscometers, the sample preparation and sample loading, maximizes efficiency while keeping manual efforts to a minimum.

  • Is made up of stand-alone, independent functional units. Measuring stands, cleaning modules, automatic samplers and dosing systems are controlled centrally from an easy to operate Windows measuring program.


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