Plastograph EC Plus and EC

With its digital 3.8-kW motor, a torque measuring range of 200 Nm, and a speed range from 0.2 to 150 min-1, the Plastograph® EC is the perfect measuring drive for practice-oriented measurements with the Brabender® mixers and extruders for


  • Raw material and recipe development

  • Material testing

  • Quality control parallel to production

  • Optimization of the production process

  • Laboratory scale production of samples for further investigations



Why is this important?


-   The measured values relate to the material behavior and allow conclusions

     about the rheological properties.

-    Easy repeatability of device setting for recipe development

-    Possibility for process upscale


What are the benefits?

-    Measure raw material quality in advance and quickly react to quality 

     variations before the raw material is used in production

-    Use significantly less material to carry out your trials



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