Lab- Compounder KETSE 20/40

The lab-compounder KETSE 20/40 D has an own motor and thus is independent from a drive unit. With this integrated motor higher speeds (max. 1200 rpm) than with a twin screw extruder with additional drive unit can be achieved. The solid design as well as the convincing technical features make the KETSE 20/40 to be the ideal solution for laboratory applications.




  • Autonamous through own drive unit

  • High speed operation

  • Compact design



Why is this important?


-   The extruder allows flexible and efficient trials on a lab scale without 

     impacting the current production.


What are the benefits?

-  Cut down on R&D costs - Increase time efficiency in R&D

-  Test textures and sensory characteristics on a lab scale

-  Vary easily your application ideas in terms of functionality, texture or shape



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