Brabender GlutoPeak measures the gluten quality of whole grain, flour, vital gluten and baking mixtures. The results provide evidence of suitability for various intended purposes.

Analysis using GlutoPeak is intended as a quick method for determining quality of grains in incoming goods departments. The device runs at a constant speed and takes just 1–10 minutes to carry out a measurement. This enables you to carry out at least 10 tests per hour. The procedure is automatic, and only requires tiny sample quantities.




  • Measures gluten quality in cereal flour products

  • Quick testing procedure (1–10 minutes per test)

  • Easy to use thanks to automatic measuring

  • Small sample amounts (3–10g)



Why is this important?


- Gluten properties influence dough elasticity and extensibility

- Stretching and elastic properties of gluten give information about

- Flour quality and the suitability for a given purpose

- Recognition of drying and heat damage on flour and dry gluten


What are the benefits?

- Fast test procedure (1-10min) with small sample size (~3-10g)

- Detection of inappropriate material makes further tests redundant

- Assurance of good flour and end product quality