The Farinograph-TS rheometer provides you with a reliable, reproducible picture of the water absorption and kneading properties of flours, in consideration of international standards.




  • Innovative web-based MetaBridge software

  • More compact housing form

  • Continuous speed control from 0-200rpm

  • Measurement range of up to 20 Nm

  • Plug & play: immediately ready for use

  • Available with optional touch screen

  • Multi-access: simultaneous access from multiple terminal devices



Why is this important?

-  Estimate the optimum water amount for a flour to form a dough

-  Predict flour reaction in production and baking

-  Define flour specifications for a given purpose


What are the benefits?

-  Practice-oriented, international standard procedure

-  Optimization of flour quality and constant product quality

-  Saving flour in production and minimizing production losses

-  Location-independent tracking of test results on any desktop or mobile 

   device, multiple access to measurement readings