Moisture Tester MT-CA

This instruments measures the moisture content of various materials applied in the food and polymer industries, such as flour, grain, starch, bread, noodles/pasta, cocoa, chocolate, tobacco, coffee, spices, herbs, polymers and other chemical materials etc.




  • Simultaneous analysis of up to 10 samples is possible

  • International and precise (<0.1%) reference methods

  • No material-specific calibration required

  • Easy, error-free operation and maintenance

  • Gentle, uniform drying temperature (up to 200°C) for precise results

  • New web-based MetaBridge laboratory management software

  • Large touch screen, extra ports: for external PCs and HDMI

  • Fully automatic measurement of moisture in the widest range of materials



Why is this important?


-   Moisture is an indicator of storability of different materials: The lower the

    moisture content, the lower the probability to attract mold, bacteria, and


-  Testing moisture is an essential first step in quality analysis, since this data is 

    used for other tests

-  Flour millers adjust the moisture in wheat to a standard level before milling


What are the benefits?

-  Internationally standardized reference method

-  Efficiency: Measure up to 10 samples at a time

-  Tracking of measurement results from anywhere and on any desktop or

   mobile device