Accelerating Rate Calorimetry


APTAC® 264- Automatic Pressure Tracking Adiabatic Calorimter


APTAC® 264 takes the testing of chemical reactivity a step forward by enabling the user to acquire much faster temperature and pressure rise data than did the earlier designs.


The instrument can function as:

  • High-performance closed-cell adiabatic calorimeter

  • High-temperature and high-pressure reaction calorimeter

  • Open test cell from which effluent can be discharged and analyzed for emergency relief system studies using the DIERS methodology of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers


The precision and accuracy of APTAC® 264 test results help companies in scaling up process designs to production scale by:


  • Providing actual temperature and pressure data for use in kinetic modeling

  • Validating predicted chemical reactions and scenarios

  • Confirming predicted events following the activation of an emergency relief system

  • Directly measuring physical property data of complex mixtures



Technical Specification:


ŸTemperature range: RT to 500°C


Pressure range (Standard): 0 to 140 bar


Lift mechanism: Motorized


Typical sample volume*: 5 to 100ml


Max. tracking rate: 400 K/min


Temperature reproducibility: 0.1 K


Operating mode: Heat‐Wait‐Search constant heating rate isothermal; fire test


Applications: ERSD; Operate as ARC® 254

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