Accelerating Rate Calorimetry


Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 244 (ARC®)


The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 244 (ARC® 244), formerly known as TIAX ARC 3000, is designed to safely measure the amount and rate of heat release associated with the processing or storage of chemicals.


This information is vital in developing and evaluating processes to ensure safe operation and to prevent thermal runaway which can have devastating effects.


The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 244 (ARC® 244) technology is integral to designing inherently safer batteries as well as measuring energetic materials used in such products as explosives, propellants, and air bags.


Key Features:


  • Tube heater reduces heat losses due to reflux

  • Windows XP™ operating system standard

  • Smaller footprint

  • Lift mechanism for calorimeter top

  • Experimental wizards for easy test set-up

  • Power Compensation Module (optional)

  • Increased safety and interlock features


Technical Specification:


ŸTemperature range: RT to 500°C


Pressure range (Standard): 0 to 200 bar


Lift mechanism: Manual


Typical sample volume*: 0.5 to 7 ml


Max. tracking rate: 20 K/min


Temperature reproducibility: 0.1 K


Operating mode: Heat‐Wait‐Search constant heating rate isothermal


Applications: Process Safety; Comparison to legacy data

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